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In June of last year, I helped my mother and brother move to a new location within El Paso. We hired All My Sons moving company. Although the movers themselves were friendly and hardworking, the company drastically underestimated how long the job would take (seeming almost to ignore a storage shed we had in the backyard) and because of this, the move ran overtime and we were charged accordingly. We finally paid in the early afternoon, they went on their way, and we spent until well after midnight finishing the move ourselves.

Once we were finally settled in, I was disheartened to find that they had badly scuffed my brother’s computer desk and completely snapped an old, hand-carved walking stick of mine that I had brought back from overseas and owned for over 20 years. I was prepared to write these off, however, as every move has some inevitable damages.

We were much more concerned to find that they had damaged a Chinese antique that had been in my mother’s possession for decades and followed her over several continents. Though not completely ruined, there was a sizable chunk taken out of the front of the piece, the remains of which we later found on the floor.

We got in touch with All My Sons to report the damage and to look into being reimbursed. During a phone conversation, we were told that the first step would be to get the piece appraised for its actual value and then its current value with damages. We could then find a second individual to handle the repairs. We followed AMS’s instructions, and when the matter was settled, the final cost, between appraisal, work, repairs and devaluation, was a little over $1300 dollars (about half of that being the devaluation).

We sent this itemized information to AMS, waited around, and eventually received a settlement offer of about $100. The representative pointed out that in the mover’s contract, damages could only be covered at a ratio of less than a dollar per every one hundred pounds of material moved. It’s not at all clear how they knew what the poundage was if they didn’t weigh anything to start with, and more to the point, why tell us to go through the process described above (involving several months’ work and a lot of lost money) if that had nothing to do with the damage payment?

They did not have a response to either of these matters. We were assured that the movers would be informed of the damages and held to a higher standard. We then responded that the movers did a reasonable job and that the damages could be chalked up to human error, but in refusing to cover them, or make any real attempt at customer satisfaction, the company itself seemed to be at fault, far more than a couple of young men stuck in the back of a moving van. We refused the payment on principle, and have nothing to show for our time and trouble. As a result, I would like to share this recommendation:


If you have glossed over everything written above, just listen to that bit. Avoid these people. This is a bad company; not just bad at their jobs but completely unconcerned with the wellbeing of their customers.

Avoid them unless you wish to be in business with a company that has nothing better to do than break your stuff, give you the run-around, take advantage of old ladies, and then try to fob the blame off on their lowest employees, rather than addressing the problem at the highest office as they should.

Moving is never a pleasant experience, but I have never encountered a company so untrustworthy, unhelpful, and so casually destructive as AMS. All My Sons swindled us, and they did so with complete indifference. Nothing much can be done to retroactively change that. I’m sure some clever people will respond that they are completely within their legal rights, which is both true and completely unhelpful. However, if YOU don’t want to be the one receiving such cold comfort for your damaged materials and mementos, why not stay away in the first place? If I can keep even one person or family from meeting the same abysmal treatment that we did, that might go some small way towards making up for this fiasco. You have a choice of movers. Please, choose anybody else.

Product or Service Mentioned: All My Sons Moving And Storage Moving Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Having my possessions damaged.

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