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Horrible!In the beginning a nice lady named Linda Garcia came to our home to set up the contract saying "she will be with us every step of the way. not to worry. our items will be securely put into secure storage until we call to have them" we moved from Fl. To N.Y. . now once we got to NY everything went downhill, 1st they moved our two vehicles (as well as the household) which got lost in the move some guy called said the car hauler broke down...
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This review applies only to the Memphis branch.Let me start by saying NO, NO, NO, do not choose All My Sons Moving. Read as much or as little of this review as needed but let me warn you to look elsewhere for a moving company. To summarize the best I can, we selected AMS to pack all of our goods, store them in a warehouse in Memphis, then deliver about 1.5 months later to our new home in Chicago. We paid quite a bit for this service. They...
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Moved my mothers from Fredericksburg, VA to Charlotte, NC. First, AMS out of Richmond, VA underestimated the cost of the move, which instead of taking a half a day IT turned into 2 full days (of course they wanted to upcharge for that), Second, the ran out of their own boxes and had to use my (just to get the out I let them they arrived at 11:00am and it was now 10:30pm), Third, the packing was absolutely horrible. Broken items, scratched...
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I didn't like
  • Rude customer service from office staff in charlotte
  • Complete lack of professionalism and customer service
  • Damaged property