Thought I was getting a good deal, Not! First, I paid $119, for their travel time, which they were only 20 minutes from where I lived.

Secondly, it was raining that day, that was alright, but they failed to tell me that if they shrink wrapped my furniture, it was an extra charge, and that took him almost another hour? To do that, finally I stopped him, and told him not to wrap another piece of furniture. Now, I only had, a sofa; loveseat; dining room table and 2 chairs; 1 queen mattress; 1area rug; thats all. As we started into the second hour, only the one young guy was trying to move things in, alone.

The short, older man was in the truck, now figuring my bill up. My daughter and I was helping the young guy move our things into the apartment. We are now the movers. It actually took one hour and a half, to move that little bit, but then shorty arrived ti explain my charges to me; I was livid.

When I first called this company, I told him I didnot have much? Maybe one to one and a half-hour, of a move. He said that is ok, they charge by the hour, if it did not take an hour, then I would only pay half of it. Shorty told me, my total bill was $498.

I screamed for what? He said; first, there is a 2 hour minimal, I told him that is not what I disscussed with the guy I talked to. Second, the hour charge for their 20 minute trip to my place. Third, $20 dollars, for the shrink wrap, that I did not ask for, thinking, that is what they did, when it is raining.

Fourth, the extra money, you pay for their gas, No, was not included in that 20 min travel time, that I paid $119, for. I was sooo mad, if I had known this is how they did business, would have called somone else, who was a little more, but probably didn't have all the hidden charges, LIARS, we moved some of our own things. If you decide to use these people, make sure you get your quote, in writing, faxed to you, before you hire them. Tell them do not send the little short blond guy, he was worthless, you will end up helping the other guy moving, while shorty prepares the bill, that will end up screwing you royally, without grease.

This was the most horrible move I have ever experienced. It sounds like they are less expensive, but believe me you will pay in the end. Thats what is really sad.

No Stars, from me. Glad its over, never again, will not ever recommend them, Ever

Review about: All My Sons Moving And Storage Moving Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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