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I too had an unfortunate experience as well with this same said "Moving company" I was quoted $149.00 an hour which I was told "It would be 6 hour move no more than $900.00 it would be $894.00 to be exact move your 3 bd room home across town which would include all fees. Which we will provide 4 experienced movers" I was told during the summer months it's usually $179.00 or $200.00 an hour but due I was a Disabled Combat Veteran and minister they would give me the reduced rate of $149.00

All My Sons sent out 2 "experienced movers" and 2 adolescents less than 19 years old and the lead on this move stated well they don't tell you everything did they tell you if it's more than 8 hours it will be time and a half? I quickly called the manager who said he emailed me all this information I advised him I never received such an email and told him to resend it. The to young adolescents weren't experienced needless to say. They didn't know how to shrink wrap nor pack any items the lead stayed on the Moving truck to so call supervise it took them more than 4 1/2 hours just to move my furniture out of my old home I'd advised the manager as well as the "Experienced movers" that I was recovering from a recent stroke before the move. They stood around talked in between items being shrink wrapped and one mover was attempting to take the handles off my refrigerator while one of the adolescents stood there and watched I said hold on why don't you just remove the doors he said he could tell it was an expensive refrigerator so this would be more cost effective for me and didn't want to damage my refrigerator I said that's well and good but it doesn't take 2 people to remove door handles. He went and told their team supervisor he came back in the home and asked me was there a problem I rehearsed the same conversation that I had with the other mover I was informed that since the refrigerator was on a dolly it would take too movers to ensure it didn't fall and that he was on the truck to make Sure that my furniture would be placed on correctly but if I wanted him to come in the home and help it would take more time to move the furniture which would cost me more money I said " talking to you instead of you and your team moving my furniture on the truck is costing me more money and once again said look I just got out of the hospital 2 days ago from my stroke and I didn't need this type of stress",,he said "I know sir that's why I'm trying to get everything done for you quickly." I had a guy come out to my home to remove items that I was casting away to be junked when he arrived they were all outside talking to one another about how people don't realize how much it costs for a move and that most people think the make at least $20.00 dollars an hour. I knew that I didn't want them to damage any of my furniture nor my new construction home that I was moving into so I apologized to the team to attempt to smooth things over and get it done ( the move) I was having oxygen delivered to my new home so I had to be there for the delivery the supervisor said just give me the keys there is only a few more things that need to be loaded I'll lock up and cone to your new home, ordinarily I wouldn't have left having done multiple moves while in the military as well as after they had been at my home since 9:15 AM it was now after 2:00 o'clock PM. I had anticipated that the movers would have started moving my furniture into my new home by that time which is why I had scheduled the oxygen to be delivered at 2:30 PM. When I got to my new home and the oxygen was setup 2 hours had past I called the manager he said that he and the movers had tried to call me to tell me that they were stuck in traffic I advised that 1. I didn't receive any calls from him or the movers he asked me to check to see if I had any missed calls I then informed him that ironically everyone else has been able to get their calls through to me except him and the movers I then again reminded him that I had just gotten out of the hospital due to my recent stroke and advised him of the events he then said oh you left before them you know that movers would take advantage of this, I said "Sir I was taken advantage of at 9:15 AM at the very start of this move when you asked me if I wanted to cancel when I advised you that I never received the email that you said you sent regarding the time and 1/2 after 8 hours had elapsed on the very day of my move it was now after 5:00 PM of a move that you quoted me of an estimated time of 6 hours, and if he had spoken to the movers he would've known that I had left due to the oxygen delivery he was silent. That's when the movers pulled up the supervisor of the move came in and said that they had had a difficult time removing the refrigerator from the old home. I tried to remain calm and he said he was going to close out the moving ticket for 7:00 PM to save me money due the inconvenience. The movers had even with shrink wrap scratched my dining room table and chairs broken my recliner, the wires were torn from the chair when I pointed this out to him he said whimsically "How did that happen and looked at me."

I had asked the manager prior to the move if I would need to do any wall coverings to prevent marks on my new walls of my newly constructed home and was ensured that I would be receiving "Experienced Movers" who would have padded my furniture and they themselves wore gloves to ensure that my walls and doors wouldn't be marked or any other damage done. Needless to say my walls were scratched and had dented door ways and scratched hand rails on my banisters heading upstairs.

Many items scratched from dining room table and chairs to my refrigerator the movers weren't complete moving my furniture into my new home until 10:00 PM, and they left furniture and boxes in my old home some wonderful church members helped to move the remaining items into my new home.

My $894.00 estimated moving quote cost me over $2000.00 I had return to the hospital due to the stress of this move. I've moved from state to state and from one coast to the other while serving in the military and very rarely had costs to exceed $2000.00 only when I moved from east coast to the far west coast.

When All My Sons was advised of my experience and my hospitalization I was informed that they would have someone from customer service call I advised that I would have no recourse but to give the a bad review as well as contact the BBB if they wouldn't resolve this issue that was in June it is now the month of August and still no one's contacted me from All My Sons.

I have however received a damage report to fill out for reimbursement of the damaged furniture.

So again I can't state enough not to hire this Moving establishment.

Product or Service Mentioned: All My Sons Moving And Storage Moving Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #1198011

I had the same experience with All My Sons. They are *** artists! Whatever you do, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS COMPANY.

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