All My Sons Moving Co. of Bradenton, FL.

is the worst, slowest and most unprofessional moving company around. Our experience was INCREDULOUS. They came to our home 2 hours late, sent two (instead of the three promised) very tired men (it was their 3rd move that day) who took 7 hours to load, drive 4 miles, and unload 2/3 of our furniture to another location. They took things apart that they could not put back together, left hardware behind, almost dropped pieces because of the weight or maybe their fatigue, and did not place things properly in the new location.

Before they finished, the owner, "Betty" called and told them to pack up, move the truck and get it back to the warehouse. The movers told her they were not done because there were only two of them, not three as the paperwork stated. She said they were into overtime and then quoted an "overtime and end of the month fee" that had not been discussed previously. She said they were gone too long and to close up the truck and move.

She tried to get us to pay then and there and ordered the movers not to finish assembling anything or unloading the truck. She threatened to call the police on us (for trying to ask them to finish the job) and was extremely rude. It was a Friday night and her speech was clearly slurred. They took our unloaded furniture away upon her demand, leaving us with a house in disarray and nowhere to sleep.

We had to pay for sleeping accomodations on top of all of this! After several phone calls the next day, we were told that our furniture would be brought back 2 days later. It was, but we were charged a re-delivery fee PLUS an exhorbitant amount for the move. In the middle of that process, she called and ordered that crew to leave before they were done ONCE AGAIN.

What we paid for were billing calculations made up in her head, including paying for 3 men instead of the 2 we got, overtime, end of month time, re-delivery and storage time for 2 days. On top of that, we still had to pay someone else to correct thier errors and finish the job. Betty and her company are a nightmare!! She should be closed down.

You're better off hiring a bunch of 4 year olds with their toy wagons than using these folks.

Stay away.

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