To anyone out there searching for a moving company: please avoid All My Sons Moving of Connecticut. These guys are thieves. Literally.

I employed their services for a local move (they actually contacted me) and was thrilled when the woman on the phone told me that "We have had 0 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau." Shame on me for being so trusting. As it turns out, they have 14 complaints on record. I thought she sounded like she was reading from a script. It sure sounded great at the time.

Three men arrived (at a cost of $170/hr.) to assist with the local move. They began ambitiously, but soon they slowed to a crawl. I was working alongside them and anxious to have them finish ($170/hr., remember?). Needless to say, I didn't have time to inventory all of my belongings. If I had, I would have noticed more quickly that not all of my belongings which were loaded onto the truck were offloaded. I was robbed.

The real nightmare began when I attempted to get an answer from the company (the manager & owner). What I received was insulting. First of all, it took the state of Connecticut, the Better Business Bureau and several other agencies hounding them to get them to even acknowledge that I existed. I am still in the midst of 'dealing' with these imbeciles & am simply trying to warn anyone who is searching for a moving company to avoid these scam artists, thieves, etc.

If you want to pay 3x more than anyone else will charge for a local move (that's how much more it was than all estimates), then these are the guys for you. If you want to have your property stolen & damaged, then these are the guys for you. If you want to deal with dolts that do not understand the meaning of 'customer service,' then these are the guys for you. Avoid this company at all costs. I should have.

All one needs to do is to conduct a simple internet search. I should not have been so trusting (when they initially contacted me with their 'scripted' bull) and should have simply 'googled' their name. This would have been enough. A fancy website and full-page yellowbook ad do not make a business. This should usually be a sign that a business has something to hide & is simply giving the appearance of being professional. Trust me. They lack all professionalism and integrity. I found out the hard way.

Product or Service Mentioned: All My Sons Moving And Storage Moving Service.

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