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I called All My Sons for a same day move and I was told it would happen probably by 1:00, but I had to pay a deposit for travel cost and the minimum. I gladly paid for 3 hours upfront and trusted I would get what I paid for and was promised. Then I was called by another guy (Wendall) and he said it would be between 12-3. I called at 3:00 and they said they now had to get someone else to do the move and several calls had to be made.

Finally, All My Sons showed up around 4:10 with a huge truck and three guys who wanted to make it clear they drove from the airport to do this move for me because nobody else could do it. They walked around my house and asked what my rate was for the move and I told him. They said OK and then went out to open the back of the truck, but the driver kept getting the wrong keys and would slowly walk to the front of the truck and get another key. This happened a few times with the wrong keys. Then he decided he had to move the truck a few times only to end up where he started. He kept talking out loud about how he couldn’t find the right key or find the right place to park and this took about 15-20 minutes. He then got out of the truck and said he could not do the move because it would take too long and it was against the DOT rules for him to be working that many hours and even had his dispatcher/boss call me. I asked him to do the two hours I already paid for and he said no. I am not sure how two hours starting at 4:30 would have been an issue for him and his crew after driving over an hour to get to my house.

I could certainly understand it would take long for him to do the move because it took him so long just to park the truck in the exact same place it started and to find the right key to open a door that never actually got opened. They were there for a total of 30 minutes and didn’t even touch a piece of furniture yet. What I couldn't understand was why he drove over an hour to my house if he couldn’t do the move in the first place. I also couldn’t understand why he refused to even do the two hours I already paid for and he was there with a huge truck. He said he refused to move anything and would be back at 6:30 in the morning more than once and could not understand that I could not do that. That was why I paid for a guarantee same day move. I said I had to be out of the house that night and at a closing in the morning and I begged him to please do the two hours I already paid for and I would take care of the rest. Again, he said no and drove away leaving me with a house full of furniture. It was such a horrible feeling to be treated that way by a company I already paid money to for a guarantee move.

The guy I spoke to at 10 in the morning and described every single piece of furniture I had in my house said he guys that are hungry and could do this move.” These were same guys that showed up at my house with plenty of time to do my move or at least the two hours and then left me stranded.

All My Sons wasted an entire day for me and refused to do what I paid for and was promised. I still have not been given my money back more than a week later (as promised) or any type of apology.

Luckily, my realtor came over with a smaller truck at 5:30 and a few of us moved my stuff in four trips and just under 5 hours. If we had a truck the size of All My Son's, we could have been done in 3 or 3.5 hours. All My Sons gave up an easy move with the truck they had and the movers would have been given a nice tip. They also lost my respect. They couldn't deliver as promised and left a customer in a bad position and still have not refunded my money.

Move yourself or get someone that is highly recommended and has good reviews. I plan to use a smaller company next time where the people you talk to are actually involved in the process, are available, do not pass you on to someone else, and follow through with a guarantee.

Product or Service Mentioned: All My Sons Moving And Storage Moving Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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