All My Sons Moving has got to be the worst moving company there is. You would not believe what we have been going through.

We decided to pay a moving company because we had all new furniture and did not want it damaged. We would have been better off moving it ourselves. First we were given a quote to move all our large furniture and they sent two men to move it. They said they would be done by 5, at 4:30 they were still working on the first floor.

At about 8 they were done and wanted to charge hundreds more (NOT JOKING or exaggerating) because it took them so long. So much for sending someone to estimate. Next came delivery. Tracie and I both took off work to make sure everything was placed where it belonged and all would go well.

They were supposed to be there between 11 and 1. I called them at 8 am on delivery day to verify time. At 12:55 they called and said they were running behind due to weather and would be there by 3. At 3 I called and they said it would be another hour.

At 4:30 I called and they said they were on their way. At 5:30 David called and they said they were having trouble with the forklift that day which caused everyone to be behind. At 5:45 the driver called and said he was stuck in traffic. They showed up at 6:15.

The movers said 13 people called in sick that day and they were all running behind. They said they sent an extra man to help unload quicker at no extra charge? Why would it matter to me how many they sent; I was given a price to deliver all my furniture 1 man or 10. Now that those battles are over and the fun starts, DAMAGE!

First one of the dining room chairs did not show up. When ask, the driver said “oh, that was broken in the warehouse and they are fixing it”. We still have not seen or heard anything about it. Then the legs on all the bedroom furniture beat up; they wrapped the tops but forgot the bottoms.

The kitchen table has a dent in the center of it. Plus, scratches and nicks on many other pieces. The driver brought me the paper to sign for delivery, when I said there was damage, the driver showed the pick-up forms where there were initials written on the form for 95% of our furniture. These initials mean there is existing wear, cuts, scratches, tears, broken, and many other items listed.

Everyone knows how particular Tracie is with our furniture. This is outright lies and deception, they fill this out, load all the furniture in a truck, and then bring it to you at 8pm saying you need to sign this showing we picked up your furniture. We took the form and started looking at some of the furniture we have. The dining set, which does not have a scratch anywhere today, but the form shows it to have wear, scratches, tears and more.

This was the same for the media room furniture and other rooms. Just know, this company has been deceitful and deceptive. This battle wears on since they legally have 90 days to do something about the repairs and I am sure they will take every bit of it before coming back with, what appears they will offer, .60 per pound for damage. Can you imagine that?

A $250 chair in new condition probably weighs 60 lbs. that means they will want to pay $30.

This will probably cost us as much as the furniture did by the time the legal system gets done. So make sure you remember DO NOT USE ALL MY SONS MOVING, it will cost you more than its worth.

After writing this they send an off for less that $275 dollars and a the chair that was glued back together, what a joke

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