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I'm still reeling from the experience of hiring All My Sons for a full pack and move from Indiana to Maryland. Promises, promises, promises.

Joe Dillon, the surveyor, assured me these were experienced packers and movers, and that all my artwork would be bubble-wrapped and treated very carefully. He spent quite a bit of time describing what sounded like a very professional company with experienced movers. Told me the same team who showed up in Indiana to move me would be there to unload my stuff in Maryland. Well, Joe has a vivid imagination.

The movers arrived without any packing materials. They seemed disgruntled that it hadn't been put on the work order and it took two hours for the company to send boxes down. But not enough bubble wrap for artwork! And no wardrobe boxes for clothes that were dumped haphazardly into boxes.

Some of my artwork was lost (how can that be?) and some of it is irreplaceable. This is original, expensive art, all framed (frames were broken) by professionals, with museum glass (glass was broken on many pieces). I saw the guys simply wrapping artwork in their van blankets. Unbelievable!

These were not professional movers and packers, as described. The driver also let me know that he would be the only one driving to Maryland and that he'd be picking up two guys from All My Sons on the other end. Two guys he'd never met before. Two guys with attitude.

Two guys who stumbled and bumbled through my new house (one guy actually fell into the wall and drove a hole through the plaster). And of course much of the damage and loss I didn't discover till I began unpacking and checking. On a lesser note, Joe Dillon also promised that the movers were use runners throughout the house to help minimize dirt. Not so.

What they had were just a few useless flimsy paper runners, so on both ends of the move, mud and dirt were tracked through the houses. I stayed up a good portion of the night before leaving Indiana cleaning the floors for my buyer. On the other end, it was raining outside, and they tracked in dirt and wet leaves and mud all through the house. The two new guys were downright rude.

Let me also mention that I bought the guys lunch and tipped all of them quite generously!!!! I called the company who said something like, "Sorry to hear; this is unusual," and was passed off to the claims department. I then filed a claim with AMS, and was asked for notarized statements, a detailed list and photos of items. It was an arduous and time-consuming process, and I cried through much of it, because I was having to re-live all the losses.

Today I received a "settlement offer" from them of exactly $184.86. I thought they were joking. Thousands of dollars worth of damage and lost items, and that's what they offered. Along with that, if I accepted the offer, I would need to again notarize it, agreeing never to say anything bad about the company.

Whom are they kidding? This was so far beyond the normal little nicks and dings one might expect from a move. There is much more to this story, but this gives you a good sense of what happened. Of course I will not accept their settlement, and I will apparently have to "eat" the damage costs.

Add that to the cost of the move, and I should have gone with a more expensive company and had my precious items delivered in tact---or delivered at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: All My Sons Moving And Storage Moving Service.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Workers were sympathetic and worked hard.

I didn't like: Misleading info, Having my possessions damaged, Missing items, Damaged property, Bait and switch, How my possessions were moved, Inexperienced packers, Broken and damaged items.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #1285031

The comment I made about All My Sons Moving and Storage says Tampa Florida. That's wrong. I changed it to be correct as Jacksonville, Florida.

Tampa, Florida, United States #1285030

I know how you feel. I used the same fraudulent, lying, thieves to move, maybe 10 miles away in the same city.

I moved from a 1 br apt to a 2br, and I'm disabled. I hired them to pack n move. I had a lot of my own boxes which they didn't use half of and charged me for their boxes, after they threw my breakables like snowglobes n seashells, n other both expensive n inexpensive things into large boxes 2 feet ×3 feet. They even used a few pieces of nice, dressy, new clothes with tags hanging on the back of my br door as packing material.

No joke! That's not even close to the worst of it. Wait until I do my review. I paid them, or I should say, they took $903 out of my bank account.

That was more then it should've been. That doesn't even include the personal, sexual remark one guy said to me, and them sending the guy that didn't speak english in to deliver my bra to me in the on the end of 1 of my long gardening stakes, from the truck as if it was a fishing pole with a fish. That bra was deep in the middle of a clean basket of last minute clothes I didn't get to put away, that was shrinkwrapped, but in only 1 direction. Someone fished that bra out of the basket, thinking it was funny.

I was livid. I haven't even shown the pics of my 2nd br filled literally to the ceiling with boxes tossed in there on top of furniture. And because of the size of boxes used that was unneccessary, and the way nothing was stacked or packed right, I have 4 times the amount of cardboard and airspace, between where tossed boxes landed, I live in cardboard ***, that I can't fix, cause I have no physical help. There is no charity here that comes help with physical things for disabled people, and I can't afford the cheapest $25 per hour per person, that physical would cost me.

I have done very little in 8 months that I've lived here, because I'm not able to do more then I have due to physical disability n illness. I had to borrow clothes n towels to use in the first couple weeks, until I could get even enough help to go buy some from the thrift stores. All my sons is disgusting, dispicable, and thieves. I have found some things missing too, that should be with the things they were originally with before I moved.

Some movies are missing, including all 7 of my starwars movies, which were my favorites, when I have almost all the rest of them, or I guess I still have the ones they didn't want to steal. All my 6 of old video game systems, woth controllers are missing. ALL of the old videogame cartridges from 4 of my oldest systems are missing from a plastic tote I packed myself. My portable 1TB hard drive is missing, yet I have the things that were on the shelf with it.

THESE BASTARDS ARE THIEVES. They steal money by overcharging fraudulently, and stealing possessions. They went through my boxes when they had them overnight, cause I was forced to store my stuff with them cause they did not finish in 1 day. Which was bullcrap too.

I have spent a lot of money being forced to replace everyday things to use to live.

Clothes, prescription medications, shoes, and many other things they buried in that 2nd room that I can't do anything about. I hope they get exactly what karma dictates they deserve for what they did to me.

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