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Several all my sons workers, i assume they were the were in uniform and driving a company truck, racked up a bill about $75 dollars then left and stated to the server keep the change. Really?

I dont know about you but .36 cents doesnt really cover that thank you! Servers dont get paid a paycheck it all goes to taxes so we depend on tip, so we just paid your company to wait on your workers. If you give them a dining limit send them somewhere where they dont have to tip.

Like fast food!n Your welcome! From a pissed off server

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Mistakes do happen. I did that with a cab driver one time, without thinking.

In the back of my mind the amount that I handed him for the fare, was large enough to to make the tip, too, but my mind must have been on something else because I told him to keep the change, not realizing that it was just small change. That being said, anytime after that when that driver picked me up, he never got one penny for a tip, because of the he had acted previously.

The previous time when I told him to keep the change, his reply was "gee thanks for really large tip." He hadn't opened a car door for me or anything, he just sat on his rear in the car. These guys that you served could have done the same thing.

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