They gave me an estimate over the phone to move the content of my house, which I suspected was low.I asked for a larger crew, was given a price. I also asked for specific wrapping materials, which they didn't send.

At the end of the move, they charged me twice the amount and when I refused to pay, charged my credit card nevertheless and forged my signature on the credit card slip! Had to get a lawyer involved. Won. The money went into legal fees, but it was worth it though.

They are bullies and dishonorable in their practice, which the crew actually confirmed by telling other similar stories. Don't get tempted, they are not worth the headache.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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You are in Conneticut.....Please contact your Attornet General 's Office .....what All My Sons did to you they have been doing all over the country. They are also known as Greenline Moving, and they are still connected to Father and Sons Moving.

See ripoffreport.com another customer in Conneticut writes recently ( march 2013) about All My Sons attempting to hold his property on their truck after quadrupleling their initial moving estimate. Please note, one of the e- mails in setting up his move with All My Sons, is listed as a Father and Sons Moving e-mail address. This is very important because Father And Sons Moving Is And has been investigated in several states, including Florida (FBI sting) and Massachusetts (Attorney General). They go to great links to appear to be operating as seperate companies since "spliting"the

company in approximately the early 90's.

All My Sons is not allowed to do business in the state of Washington following several complaints and investigation by Washington's Department of Transportation. So Contact your Attorney General's Office and let them know that they doubled your estimate ( not legal ), hidden charges( not legal ) and stole some of your property. Call your local sheriff's department and file a theft report, because THIS IS THEFT !!!! Contact your local city's BBB department, or the city All My Son's ware house is located in and file a report.

File with the BBB first because they won' t allow you to file A REPORT with them if you have already filed with the Attorney General's Office. If you have renter's or home owner' s nsurance call your insurance company ......most policies cover your property while being moved. Be sure and tell your Insurance agent about the criminal behavior All My Son's is engaging in across the country. Direct them to these consumer web sites that expose their criminal behavior.

Then call your credit card company and report your stolen and damaged property to them. Request a charge back. This means you can get the credit card company to put the money you are owed for these damages back on your credit card. Also mention the doubling of your original agreed upon moving price.

All My Son's Moving and

Storage (Greenline) continues to rip off the elderly, the handicapped, the poor and the rest of us , because many folks don't know where to go for assistance and justice. I wish you the best of luck in receiving some restitution.

Thank-you for sharing your story with us. We are currently fighting All My Sons also.

Kirkland, Washington, United States #607426

Was it a licensed Moving Company? It's important to check, if they aren't willing to pay their taxes and follow the city and states requirements they won't treat their customers right either.

to Bubbasgirll1 #629148

Unfortunately, All My Sons Moving and Storage Company is a licensed company. However, they did loose their operating license in the state of Washington, because people wrote and informed authorities of their unfortunate experiences with this company.

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