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The person in charge of the Ft. Lauderdale office gave us a tour, confidently asserting the privacy and safety of the system, insofar as our goods were placed in their own sealed wooden crates to be stored in their facility.

This was in theory but not in practice.Several cartons were missing, in which my mom's sterling silverware, silver pieces, crystal vase, CDs and DVDs, ornately decorated metal work candlesticks, large crystal block with interior carving. a few uncirculated coins, some sentimental items,such as Princess Diana's commemorative towel, etc. Two wooden tables -their glass tops missing and presumably broken, and three framed pictures, their glass fronts chipped, and/or shattered, served to push me along the continuum from insult to injury. To top it all off, we were subjected to the height of arrogance by being accused of lying, of never having possessed the missing items!

Needless to say, I will never utilize the services of All My Sons in the future, and I hope this suffices as a warning to beware of seemingly reassuring movers. Additionally, purchasing the more comprehensive insurance policy, which would have reimbursed me commensurate with my losses in a more equitable manner, was given short shrift as an option, and thus was not purchased.

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