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They arrived for hours and a half late. We were told we would have 3 guys, but we were never told that the third guy will stay in the truck the entire time. The other two were complaining since they arrived that they were tired, that they were working more than 18 hours. So my husband told them that we could postpone to another day, that these were our belongings and we understood that people tired cannot work. They insisted that they will do it. They kept complaining with every bedroom, we had two bedrooms apartment, and almost no furniture. My husband dissembled everything while waiting for them -the four and a half hours that they came late- and all the rest were in boxes.

They wanted to chit-chat all the time complaining on how tired they were and that the owners didn't pay them enough and they were very lazy, that they didn't care about the workers, etc, etc, etc....We were paying for that time of course.

They were outside and they were taking so long that we looked through the window, and we could see that they were smoking and talking (as you can see in the pictures)... of course... we were paying for that time also!

My husband went down to talk with them, in a nice way of course, we didn't wanted them to damage our belongings... They took 5 hours to load the truck, at the house, they wanted us to pay the total of the 5 hours, PLUS the hour that they charge you extra, PLUS 12% fuel PLUS three hours in advance for the unload. When we asked why, they were extremely rude, and we said that the shouldn't talk to us like that and then the guys started with all the **!! words, my husband said to them to calm down, and they said: m**f** to my husband.

I started to take video with my cell, when they notice that, they were so angry and they started to yell and curse so laud in front of our kids! -I had a video of that as well- They wanted to punch my husband, I had to tell them to get out of our house, and that we were going to call 911 and they said "I don't give a f**"

Outside on the street of our new house, at 12:30 AM after they just throw everything in the garage -as you can see on the pictures- they started to make noise with the horn, when my husband look through the window, they gave him the finger.

And for that we had to pay almost $1,300.00 dlls.

We called the owner: AMBROSE PALERMO and he didn't care, he said that the amount was correct, and when my husband explain to him what happened, he just said nothing. It was very disappointing knowing that the owner doesn't care how his people have no respect at all!

So.... If you want to be hated for your old and new neighbors, plus being yelled and cursed, and have all your belongings just throw in the garage, and have to complete the move by yourself the next day, because they were soooo tired to finish, that they couldn't do it, and after that over pay for all that.... then these are your guys!

Product or Service Mentioned: All My Sons Moving And Storage Moving Service.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States #919718

What a terrible sad story. I hired them move the contents of my townhouse into storage.

When I was ready to take everything out of storage, I called them to make arrangements for pickup or delivery. They've been unable to locate any of my possessions. It's been over 3 years now.

I paid over $10,000 in moving and storage.

If anyone else has had a similar loss, I please, please post it. I'll be looking at the board to learn if anyone who suffered a similar fate that their hands.

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