My son used this company a few years ago and had fabulous, experienced movers show up and make their last move flawless and worth the big $$$. He called on them again expecting the same results for his house pack/load and what a disaster!!

I just got back into town after helping my Son, daughter-in-law and 2 grandbabies (ages 8 weeks & 1 ½ yrs old) move 1700 miles. I was there to supervise the moving crew who were supposed to pack the house and put it in the moving van. My son and family started their drive that morning. They were hired so I wouldn't have to exhaust myself before driving the first 15 hr leg to CA. When three “kids” (I was told later that they were in their 20’s, not kids) showed up to do the packing/ loading, I was concerned but they were polite. After just an hour, I could see that they were not going to get the job done without me doing some of the loading/packing help. I spent the next 7 hours going non-stop. They were working hard, but really had no idea on what they were doing or how to do it. A manager called 3 hrs into the move and asked if they were working hard and if there were any problems, all I could say to him was that they were working hard-I felt I was between a rock and a hard place-if I complained, I was afraid they could walk out…then I’d be stuck with the whole thing myself and we were on an extremely tight deadline. I kept my mouth shut and kept working.

What was truly unprofessional was that they were told multiple times to PUT THE CRIBS/BEDS IN LAST, so we could get them out first to set them up for the babies….they ended up in the middle of the van!

The un-packers (not associated with this company) started unpacking the van, and kept apologizing for the horrible job that was done by All My Sons-they even gave us their names/contact info. if there was any eye witness proof needed for a claim. Furniture was gouged, kitchen chairs broken as well as wooden play table chairs…which I found out are not insured since THEY didn’t drive the moving van.

My son paid for experienced movers and got taken advantage of-inexperienced workers, exorbitant supplies fees and fuel surcharges on top of no insurance coverage for their flawed packing. When I called the very day I flew back in town after helping them settle and un-pack, the manager said he couldn’t do anything since I didn’t call right away.

Review about: All My Sons Moving And Storage Moving Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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