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This is a review of Tony’s Sons Moving and Storage performance and behavior as it pertains to our contract with them. They’re based in Rancho Cordova California (Sacramento Area). The following review I repeated in front of a judge under oath. It is not designed to imply the Company has or has not treated anyone else in a similar manner but it is the experience my wife and I had when we contracted them to move our home in 2012.

Just left small claims court after the worst moving experience my wife and I have ever had. Seasoned movers, we have moved across the country and across town. Tony's Sons Moving and Storage gave us the lowest quote for the move . . . and now I know why.

The driver (leader) was rude, he complained all day about his boss and the job and kept insisting on making the move on time with no concern about our items. Another crew member was so vile - swearing, refusing to move items, complaining like a child and at times acting out in a violent and threatening way by swinging his arms and getting much louder as he spat out profanity (make sure your kids are not around with these guys). This mover was so unprofessional and concerning that I called the sales manager to complain but told him not to say anything until after the move for fear of what this guy might do. Turns out that concern was valid, this man later threatened my life. The whole day my wife was increasingly worried about being near these two men so she would duck out to her parents’ home. She actually felt unsafe around the movers.

At the end of the day, they presented a bill with costs not on our original estimate and added a 30 minute window to their drive time (this is relevant since they double all driving time – because that’s fair). When I asked for them to explain the new costs that were above our estimate, the leader sighed heavily and said just pay the bill. I said I wanted to compare the bill with our estimate; I left to find my wife who had the paperwork but was intercepted by the other mover (violent acting one) who was waiting for me outside the front door. He ran up to me and screamed “Just pay your F’ing bill!” He then chased me around threatening to kick my *** and a bunch of other juvenile, napoleon complex threats. When finally restrained by a co-worker, he then yelled, “I know where you live! I am going to come back and clip you!”

There was a 911 call and a police report filed by me but they tore off knowing they had crossed a line. I had to return to our old home five times to get items they did not move, oh yeah, I forgot to mention that they filled up their truck and proclaimed, “She’s full no more room!” Even though we still had planter pots, rugs, dresser tops, vacuums, lamps and a few other items in the house.

I expected an apology from the manager the next Monday when we started discussing the bill (that we hadn’t paid yet) but instead of an apology and an offer for a discount (at the very least a discount, would you pay a company if their employee threatened your life?) all I got was a call asking for the full amount and no apology. I tried offering them slightly more than half our estimate. This included the Threat discount and the fact that they left so many of our items at our old residence.

So what did Tony’s Sons Moving and Storage do . . . they sued us. To anyone reading this, you can agree or disagree with how we felt we should compensate them and you can certainly read their responses to this and our Yelp review but then judge for your selves.

I generally don’t like to publicize using review sites to criticize because it can do a lot of damage. I will admit that this is not a worry for me in this case and I will sleep fine after recanting what my wife and I witnessed. We both testified under oath the events above and more concerning the unprofessional and horrifying actions of these movers, including one of their employees threatening my life. They scared my Wife, broke items, left items and then presented a bill that was $300+ over our estimate and maximum allowed price.

We moved across country once with a company - nothing was missing, everything was put in its place and the movers were professional. Even better, we didn’t have to call 911 or get assaulted.

Review about: All My Sons Moving And Storage Moving Service.

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I was a mover for 33 years and i understand what you are saying alot of the problems are with these no name moving companies out there. People say you get what you pay for but i disagree if you pay a mover to move your belongings then they should treat it like it is thiers and respect the owners.

If they have a problem with you call dispatch if you have a problem with them call the sales man but like you said you had problems.

Please people understand that the cheapest mover out there is not always the one to go with use a company with a reputation that makes this company shine ask around word of mouth is the best advertisement any company can have Sir you did the right thing and Tony and sons M&S should relook at their employees because this kind of crew will make it so this company does not stay in business for to long. I as a professional Mover my self apologize for this company and its employees because as the saying goes customer usually always right and treat their items like they are yours also don't leave anything that the customer wants moved behind get it on the truck one way or anothert.

to Scott St. Aubin Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #942908

They probably didn't tip I'm a mover but some times the shippers are *** too

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