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All My Sons Dallas was a completely horrible experience. 2.5 hours later than the latest time I was told.

The manager then proceeded to tell me that I would have 3 movers for the price of 2 to speed it up since they were so late. Once they arrived however, one was "sick" and just sat in the truck the whole time. All the guys were way too young and clearly not knowledgeable on how to quickly and effectively move things. The guys were so slow and tired because they had been working since early that morning so it took them 6 whole hours and I had to pay over $700...

For a 1 bedroom! Don't do it!!! The manager was also very rude to me each time we talked and I tried to share my case that every expectation I had was not completed. As a young woman I felt completely taken advantage of and pressured so I paid it.

This was the worst example from not only the movers, but the management! Manager actually argued me by saying his guys deserved all that money because they had been working hard since 6am! If you ask me, they are to blame for over working their movers. How could anyone be expected to do their manual labor job effectively for 17 hours!?

If I had these guys first thing in the morning, I guarantee you it would have taken 3 hours.

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